Meet Lauren

Lauren Shaffer is a healer with a holistic approach and the founder of Vessel. She creates and facilitates healing experiences that help clients move through physical, emotional, and spiritual situations in expansive and transformative ways. 

A Reiki practitioner with level I, II, and Reiki Master attunement and certification under the mentorship of renowned healer Lara Elliott, Lauren also brings her innate warmth, light, and learnings from experience as a certified meditation teacher and holistic health coach to her clients. 


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a spiritual healing practice, originating from Japan. ‘Rei’ translates to ‘universal consciousness’, and ‘Ki’ also known as Chi, is life force energy. Everything in existence is made up of energy. This is where the practice of Reiki comes in.

Reiki is a subtle, yet powerful, modality with the purpose to support the body in balancing its energetic field in order for the physical and emotional body to be able to heal itself. Reiki can support a healing of wide ranges of imbalances from stress, chronic illness, and aches and pains. It also can help in deepening your connection to self or source, and often is used to enrich a personal meditation practice.

A Reiki session is blissfully relaxing and calming. You simply need to be open to receiving whatever insights and energy is meant for you as the Reiki practitioner acts as a vessel for this universal energy to flow through them, drawn to you.


I practice a number of breathing and chakra clearing routines and this added something special for me. The frequency had such a positive, opening effect and I felt the warming movement of energy from having Lauren's individual attention. Immediately calming and releasing. 

That was very healing and palpable in a way I did not expect. I’ve been meditating so much lately and this was different in that I could feel held in loving and supportive energy. It was very special and very healing to bask in this expansive, loving space with you.

Therese Tepe, Washington DC

Kelly Ryan, founder of Anchor Meditation
San Francisco, CA



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